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  • Knockout 1st Round - Wed 27-9-17 @ 5.30
  • Knockout Final - Mon 2-10-17 @ 7.30
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Monday, 21 August 2017

Spring Cleaning

With the new season only a month away, we have updated the website with all the information that you should require to get yourselves organised.  A copy of our syllabus and other fixtures and contact details can be found in the appropriate places.

Please ensure that your ice fees are sent to Mike Wood before 11-9-17 and that you have ALL your fixtures firmly in your diaries.  Please remember that it is YOUR responsibility to find a sub, if you cannot play any of your games.

We are pleased to announce that for the coming season our Trophy Competition will consist of two rounds instead on one.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you on the ice soon.


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Annual ACC Dinner

Just a last minute reminder that the dinner is at the Longniddry Inn on Friday 21st April 2017.  7 for 7.30pm.

The president sends his apologies and hopes everyone has a great time.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

President v Vice President

Congratulations to the President, Sheena Munro and her rinks for regaining the quaich by a combined
with both her teams winning.
The night unfolded with two tight games.  In the first Sheena took on the vice president, Graeme.  Sheena along with Dale, Dave Wyllie and John Good took a three point lead into the final end but Graeme had a shot with his final stone for a possible, but tricky three (well he said a four just to worry Dale). In the end though it was very close but he only secures a one to lose the game by two shots.
In the other game, the president's team led by Sandy with Mike, Cathy and Stanley Simpson were all tied, against Morgan's side, going in to the last end.  With Sandy's last stone to play The Vice President's side was sitting with three shots, enough to secure the overall win should Sandy be wayward.  Our outstanding player of the season was not to be denied and played a beautiful draw for a one shot win giving the President a three shot advantage over the two games.
It was an enjoyable evening and both games and the overall contest came down to the final stones.

The game was followed by the AGM and a very enjoyable meal before everyone said their good-byes, until the dinner at the Longniddry Inn on 21st April at 7pm.

The Importance of Leads & Seconds

OR - the over-importance of skips.

The recent game where Scotland's Ladies were beaten by the Korean team in the World Championships goes to show that without good lead and second stones a game can easily be lost.
The score was 8 - 6 to Korea but the stats show Eve outplayed her counterpart 83% to 76%, while the thirds were almost level.  The Korean lead however played at 99% and their second at 100%, compared to the Scottish team at 88 and 86%.
Basically the Leads and Seconds set up the end and are therefore essential to the teams results.  Even Eve couldn't do anything to prevent the loss as Scotland were always being forced to play catch up.

Never believe that anyone is just on the ice to make up the numbers, Leads and Seconds are critical to a game and often as important as the Thirds and Skips ! (whatever they may tell you)

Thursday, 16 March 2017

League Round Ups

After a considerable gap in games, we have now completed all our league games.
The first league to wrap up was the Thirds, one game having been postponed when the cooling pipes in the floor burst earlier in the season (This is why we need a new floor and why you should all support the appeal to upgrade our facilities).
Appropriately the game was won in fine style by George Chisholm's rink, being skipped by Karen.  They served a 13 - 5 beating to Dale's rink.  In terms of league positions, this game was merely dotting I's and crossing T's as the table was already topped by Mike wood and his band of merry men and women.  This win confirmed that George's team took second spot.
In the Shots competition, there was also a one sided result, in favour of Morgan.  A 14 - 3 win over Graeme's rink saw Morgan move from bottom position to top the table and lift the title.  Graeme however slid from joint lead to the bottom.  This win means that Morgan and his rink, of George Chisholm, Raymond Preston/Pauline Alexander and Pam Clark lift the Shots Trophy.
The conclusion of the Shots also finishes the Peter Allan Shield contributing matches.  This had long since been won by Sandy Nicoll's team and Graeme's rink had captured the vital relegation slot.  Morgan's win in the final game saw him leapfrog John Good (something that would be worth watching) and secure second spot in the table.
Now all that is left is the President v Vice President game on Monday 20-3-17 followed by supper and the AGM.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


The Curl Edinburgh 2018 Appeal recently kicked off with great interest and curiosity from our members! The appeal is looking to raise funds for essential modernisations of our curling facility.
The detailed plan, prepared in conjunction with architects, structural engineers, costs consultants, and others, was set out at a launch event last month. In brief, it schedules work in three phases to coincide with our off seasons. The sequence of work is still being confirmed, however the modernisation includes:
  • a new concrete cooling floor,
  • recladding the elevations,
  • energy efficient lighting,
  • the creation of an additional floor above the plant room, and
  • doubling the size of the viewing gallery
The project will be funded by a combination of cash reserves, grants, loans, and donations.
More than 30 years ago, a previous generation of Edinburgh curlers dug deep to ensure the continuation of curling in Edinburgh. Now, it is our turn. We are certain we can meet this challenge and emerge with a modern and efficient facility of which we can all be proud!
Donation forms are available at the bar or in the office or download a copy here. Send in your donation today!

A Closer Look

Phase 1
Planning consent has been secured for Phase 1 of construction. During the first phase of the project, the following will be undertaken:
  • Insulating the curling rink walls
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Modernisation of scoreboards and ice hall d├ęcor

Phase 2
Phase 2 includes the critical replacement of the curling floor:
  • Replace the aging concrete cooling floor
  • Install new flow and return headers
  • Construct foundations to allow for the Phase 3 extension of the first floor viewing area

Phase 3
The final phase of the project will ensure that we control our own destiny and are not at risk of losing communal gathering space. The construction will include:
  • A better-integrated bar and viewing area
  • New office space and roof plant area above the existing plant room
  • A DDA-compliant passenger lift
  • Toilet provision on the first floor

Want to learn more? You can view and download the original launch presentation online:

Launch Presentation

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Peter Allan Shield

Congratulations to Sandy Nicoll and his rink of Mike Wood, Cathy Maclean and Stanley Simpson.  Sandy becomes the fourth member of the Nicoll family to get his name on the shield in the past three generations.  He is probably also the youngest winner.
His rink have already won the Knockout, The Trophy and he leads the Shots Competition with only one game left to play.