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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Bonspiel 2017

Back l-r:- Pam, David, Richard, Mike, Cathy, Pauline, Dale, Stanley, Sheena.  Front:- Graeme, Justyna 
Once again the club dispensed with their usual tasteful purple outfits in favour
garments conforming to the theme of Europe for this years bonspiel.  Some interesting and unusual explanations for costumes were exchanged before everyone got down to trying to work out Graeme's Rules for this years extravaganza.
Two tight games were played out with Graeme's team of Sheena and Justyna powering through the first four ends before Team Dale (David and Pam) got their heads together and took the next three ends leaving them the Bonspiel Winners by 2 shots.  Meanwhile John and Mike battled hard to come away with a peel.
All the players were confused when asked to play to the 'half length' houses in ends four and five (The second time from opposite ends of the rink) and then resorting back to the 'normal' houses.  Seldom have I witnessed so many hogged stones !
An excellent turkey dinner was then provided by Paul and his caterers and a toast drunk to 'Absent Friends' as last years Bonspiel was the last time that George was with us.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Edinburgh Area Bonspiel

Due to reasons that we wont go into here, East Lothian were unable to defend the Black Bull Trophy.
However a fun 'Draw Shot' Competition was added and this was dominated by one of the East Lothian Teams.  This team was made up by Morgan Nicoll (representing Aberlady) and Colin Baird and Sandy Nicoll (representing Haddington).
Well done and enjoy your drinks.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Christmas Bonspiel theme revealed

Our Christmas Bonspiel is on Sunday 10th December at 3.45pm and will be followed by an early supper at the rink.
The rinks will be skipped by Dale, John G, Graeme and Sandy.
Due to a multitude of alternative activities the rinks will be revealed on the day (We are short of numbers, so if anyone knows someone that may want to join us, please let Graeme know)
Current confirmed players are:-
and possibly Mike.

THIS YEARS THEME IS -  EUROPE any country or anything identifiable with any european country will count.

Trophy Competition - They think its all over.

Finally the new format double round robin Trophy competition has been finalised.  As previously reported it was a Nicoll one-two with father just pipping son for the win.
In the meantime Team Good is going to have to look to their laurels in our (final) Shots competition if they are going to escape relegation.  In the meantime, if Morgan decides to retire now and not compete in the shot competition, he would already be safe from relegation.  This I suspect is unlikely and we will see Nicoll Snr back to try and win the Grand Slam.
The Grand Slam could of course be decided on the President's decision as to who actually did win our Knockout.  The decision has been made but not yet revealed !!!  (The President's bank account details are available on request to the two involved skips!)

Monday, 27 November 2017

A Difficult Few Days

RCCC District Medal
This year the RCCC threw up as our 'random' draw - Haddington.  This seemed less random than a derby match.  Our team pool was considerably shortened by illness, work commitments and especially our players having been pre booked by our opposition.  Our team consisting of Mike Wood, Graeme Maguire, Pam Clark and (supersub) Stuart Ronald were...... outplayed would seem an appropriate word.
The loss of a 3 in the first end resulted in our team never being able to settle, while Haddington, led by Dave Munro settled into a smooth groove.  It wasn't until the fifth end that we managed to get on the score card.  The final score was 8 - 2, so congratulations to our neighbours for their well deserved victory.

East Lothian Province Knockout
This time we were up against East Linton and again 'up against' would seem to describe it.  This time, led by John Good, Dale Callander, David Wyllie and Pam Clark, we took an early lead in the first end, however E Linton fought back with a 2 in the second.  A single in the thrid saw us draw level again but that was the last point that we managed to score.  The rest of the game was a tight affair with all the remaining ends going to singles but the final score was 5 - 2 against.  Congratulations to East Linton and we wish them good luck in the semi finals.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Trophy Competition - A Nicoll one-two ?

It has taken until the last game of the expanded round robin for Morgan to lose his first Aberlady game of the season.  This takes away his 100% winning record in the Trophy Competition.
However with 5 wins from 6 games he can no longer be caught therefore He along with Dale Callender, Pam Clark and Rosie Clark are our WINNERS.
This marks a comeback and his name will again appear on the trophy, just below son Sandy's from last season.
Elsewhere in the table, the only game remaining is John Good v Sandy Nicoll.  Although Sandy cannot be denied second place , John can avoid the wooden spoon.  To leapfrog Mike he must not only beat Sandy in his final game but in doing so must either win 6 ends OR win 5 ends and beat Sandy by 17 shots ! 
Realistically,  Mike will be looking to Santa if he requires additional wooden cooking equipment.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Stats - Trophy Competition

With the Trophy Competition nearing its conclusion, Morgan still has an unbeaten record, with 2 games to play.  He also has an impressive 20 ends won (compares to 8 lost) which is an average of 5 ends won per game.  This is 3 ends clear of Sandy but with a game in hand over Sandy.
Morgan is also 17 'shots up' which means that his average win has been by 4.25 shots per game.  This is where his son gets the better of him with an average win of 4.6 shots. 
Sandy has amassed 49 shots in his 5 games, which means that his average score is merely a tickle away from 10 shots (he still has 1 game left to try and reach that milestone.
At the other end of the table Mike, still leads John G by having scored 13 ends to John's 9 (although John still has a game in hand).  Mike is also 10 'shots up' better off than John, although both teams have conceded the same number of shots.
The season opener, defaulted game between Mike and John could yet prove to be very important.